Stardict/Goldendict version of the JMDict Japanese-English Dictionary.

From the JMDict homepage:

The JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) project has at its aim the compilation of a multilingual lexical database with Japanese as the pivot language. The project began in 1999 as an offshoot of the EDICT Japanese-English Electronic Dictionary project. It involved a major rebuild of the main files, with a more complex structure using XML.

The first release of the JMdict file occurred in May 1999, with occasional releases after that. From mid-2006 the JMdict file has been generated daily from the source database (along with the matching EDICT and EDICT2 files.) The source database is updated almost every day.

The version here contains only the English senses and glosses. I performed a number of transformations and formatting changes to make the entries more readable in the Goldendict format. It is possible to search by kanji or by the reading in kana.


Below you can download my conversion to Stardict format, for use with the Goldendict or Stardict software. The latest “Early Access” version of Goldendict is strongly recommended to get access to all the most recent features – Stardict is now essentially defunct.

Mac OSX “Dictionary”

I have not created a Mac OSX version from this source, as those who use Macs regularly tell me the Japanese-English dictionaries bundled with OSX are sufficient. If there is much interest, however, it should be straightforward to achieve.

These versions were created from the JMDict source update on Oct. 4, 2014. I will periodically update these files from new versions of the JMDict source.

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