Stardict/Goldendict and OSX “Dictionary” versions of the CC-CEDICT Chinese-English Dictionary.

CC-CEDICT is a community-maintained free Chinese-English dictionary. It is a continuation of the CEDICT project started by Paul Denisowski in 1997 with the aim to provide a complete downloadable Chinese to English dictionary with pronunciation in pinyin for the Chinese characters. Full details are available here.

Both Traditional (正體字) and Simplified (简体字) Chinese are supported. It is possible to search by hànzì  漢字 or by pronunciation (in pīnyīn 拼音, with or without tone marks), after a request from @Littlescaryrhino below. See screenshot 3/3 in the gallery.


Below you can download my conversion to Stardict format, for use with the Goldendict or Stardict software. The latest “Early Access” version of Goldendict is strongly recommended to get access to all the most recent features – Stardict is now essentially defunct.

Mac OSX “Dictionary”

Due to popular demand, I have recently created a version which can be installed for use with Mac OSX’s built-in “Dictionary” application. It is now available for download below.

These versions were created from the CC-CEDICT source update on Oct. 4, 2014. I will periodically update these files from new versions of the CC-CEDICT source.

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